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Your new Crewlist

All your crew contacts in one place

CrewList by CommonMarker is a simple way to keep your production contacts organized and separate from your personal life. Easily upload or create and manage industry standard documents from an easy to use app.

Import past production crewlists to our platform for a digital backup to keep all your projects in one place. Our CrewList will keep track of all your productions, and keep your crew at your fingertips.

As a project admin, you can verify and manage your crew contacts from one interface that is easily shared among the crew for free - forever. Our permission based sharing lets you make sure Department Heads and Day Players have access to the information they need.


Maintain production contacts separate from your personal life

    Project Management

    Save contacts from past projects to your favorites or directly to your phone. You can go back and view past projects and switch between different productions if you are invited to multiple projects at once.

    Contact Control

    Framework integration means no more random numbers. CommonMarker gives you full control of how much of your contact information production will share. Badge photos make it easy to put a face to the name.

Managing your crew

easily update and control your crewlist in one place

    PDF Integration and Export

    Works with your workflow, not against it. Maintain an industry standard CrewList PDF for record keeping and distribution on set, or import your CrewLists to create a digital instance optimized for your mobile device.

    Permission based sharing

    Manage and update your crew from one interface. Determine sharing and viewing permissions based on your crew's roles protecting privacy or other sensitive information.

Who it is for

Designed to seamlessly integrate into your professional production workflow

Production Staff

Reduce repetitive data entry, discovery and distribution latency


Keep contacts continuous
from job to job


Create metadata integrity for a more efficient, effective and sustainable production cycle

The Bigger Picture

Intersecting creativity with smart technology

“If everybody doesn’t get the information - you’re not doing your job”

aaron fitzgerald | dga assistant director, head of production

We’ve experienced the glory of the rapid technological change that has pushed production companies to do more with less. Perhaps in spite of these technological advances - pivoting and pushing updates in the age of email is increasingly difficult in real time, especially on location. We were amazed how much time and energy is devoted to repetitive data entry and discovery through the entire process from development through post production. Furthermore, we believe that when the information hub slows down the entire crew suffers and thereby the picture suffers.

That’s why we set out to build a CommonMarker, a platform that captures information and makes it available to everyone that needs it as it’s created.

Our goal is to empower creative professionals with smart tools that reduce integration, distribution and discovery time and allow them to do what they are actually hired to do:
Make great content.

Our Experience

We have worked in some truly amazing environments

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